For the club

Making training sessions with all coaches of the youth academy

If the club wishes to use the Ajax Online Academy for several coaches, the club subscription is a good option. This account is available for a minimum of 10 coaches. The account allows the club to build on structure in their youth academy. Each club has an account for a “superuser”, most often this is the DOC/Head of youth Academy. This is an important account because he can view all the training sessions made by the coaches. It also offers the opportunity to give the coaches feedback on these training sessions.

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Complete Learning Tracks

Besides making his own trainingsessions or exercises the DOC/Head of the youth academy also has access to the complete Ajax Learning Tracks. Ajax Online Academy developed these complete training sessions for coaches who have less time to prepare them themselves. The Learning tracks are made for the Under 7s through tho the Under 15s.  They are divided into four periods of eight weeks. Each period is concluded with set objectives (topics such as: coordination training, passing and receiving, position play, heading etc). The coach logs in, views his/her training session for that week, prints it and takes to the training fields fully prepared.

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Player Tracking System

The club has the possibility to use or create a complete Player Tracking System.
Within this system the coach can add game reviews for all the teams, conduct tests and technical assessments.
All this information can be seen on the player card, the coach can print this card or share it with other coaches or parents. Besides using the complete Ajax model the club can also choose to develop their own assessment form, adding their own items.