Learning Tracks

Our Learning tracks provide the structure for a club’s youth academy. Ajax Online Academy has compiled all the training sessions for the whole season from U7s – U15s. These Learning Tracks are divided into 4 ┬áseparate periods of 8 weeks and the training sessions are based on the objectives per age category.

The Director of Coaching (DOC) or Head of the Academy is able to monitor the coaches at the back of the system, and can give them feedback during these sessions. A coach logs into his/her account, views his/her training session, looks through the drills and videos and then prints the session in question.

The greatest benefit of these Learning Tracks is that the DOC/Head of the youth Academy does not have to worry about the content of all training sessions because Ajax has already made them; he can turn his attention to coaching the coaches and monitoring the individual progress of each player.