Unique Ajax training sessions

The Ajax Online Academy has more than 700 exercises for coaches of different age categories. (more…)

Learning Tracks

Our Learning tracks provide the structure for a club's youth academy. Ajax Online Academy has compiled all the training sessions for the whole season from U7s - U15s. These Learning Tracks are divided into 4  separate periods of 8 weeks and the training sessions are based on the objectives per age category. (more…)

Player Tracking System

The Ajax Online Academy has a complete Player Tracking System for all clubs and Academies. (more…)

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“This online tool was developed on my initiative together with Ajax. It was clear to us at Ajax that we should help the coaches at the amateur clubs by offering them structure, especially within their training sessions”

“Training sessions from the Ajax Online Academy are ideal for use by every coach at every club, because they are all built up from ‘easy to hard’. “The position game plays are a particularly good example of this!”

“The Ajax Online Academy has become a standard program for our collaboration clubs” “It provides these clubs with structured exercises and is very easy to use ”
“For us it is convenient because after we give those clubs a clinic they need to work with our system, so the next time we visit these clubs we can see the progression of each coach”
Heini Otto  AFC Ajax